A big Welcome to you!

That’s you, our very much appreciated reader 🙂

Thank you for being interested in and taking the time to read about the High School Holland adventures of a young woman and the “locals” at her home away from home. Some basic information about us and this blog can be found at the About page.

We hope you’ll enjoy our stories, pictures, movies and anything else we might come up with in the next couple of months. Please be conservative when it comes to sharing any of the pictures and movies elsewhere online and/or contact us before doing so. This blog is meant primarily for sharing this experience with our families, friends and readers considering going on an exchange or being a host family themselves.

Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions at our blog posts. They will not always display immediately as the blog admins need to “approve” them first. This is only a means to try and avoid spam entries. We’ll try to answer any questions within 24 hours, depending on our other activities.

If you don’t want to miss any future posts, please subscribe to this blog by using the Follow button at the bottom right of the blog and you’ll receive an e-mail as soon as new material is added to it.



Feel free to leave a comment and/or question

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