School’s out for summer

The schools are out for summer, but a couple of days ago we had our first “parent meeting” at the school Zoé’s going to attend: the Marnix College. By the end of August, during Zoé’s first week over here, we’ll have our second meeting and the grand tour at school.

This time we only had a brief look around the main building and most importantly, we spoke to the exchange coordinator. There wasn’t that much to discuss really, but it was nice to speak to her in person. We talked a bit about the school in general, their experience with exchange students, expectations about this exchange in particular, and so on.

If you’re interested in reading about this school:
Unfortunately that website is only available in Dutch, apologies to our international followers 😉 However, this school also has a bilingual department at the level preparing for university. They have their own website, in English:

Another small step recently was pre-ordering Zoé’s textbooks. That was fun because it’s such a practical step during these weeks of, primarily, waiting. It makes you feel that the “real” beginning of this adventure is finally coming nearer. We also now know which subjects Zoé will take, which was something we were very curious about. We hope (and think) she’ll be happy with this chosen set of courses. Once it’s all official, we’ll tell more about it 🙂


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