Kindred bloggers

There are many blogs out there, on the WordPress domain alone exist almost 70 million sites, with lots of activity as is shown live here (gotta love those shimmering lights like stars in the night :)).

Before starting this blog and especially the past few weeks, I took a good look around to see if there were others sharing stories about being a host family. Turns out there are, but not that many, at least it seems that way.

But as the glass is always half full, “not that many” is more than none. I found a handful of bloggers that are very enthusiastic (future) host families. I realised today more than before, when reading Nancy & Kris’ blogpost about preparing to host for a (what a coincidence) Dutch exchange student that reading their stories, answers, thoughts and choices is not only just fun, but kind of makes it feel like we’re in this together.

One of our first blog posts was about how we got to be a host family. We’ve thought all of this through, it took us 1,5 years to actually get to the point of definitely going for it. Still, when I read NK‘s post today and the host family stories told by Alysa and her family there were yet more things I thought we should sit down for to talk about before this adventure of being a host family for the first time begins. This made me feel grateful that there are others out there that take the time, have the guts and joy to share their stories and experiences. Thank you.

I can only hope that at some point sharing our host family stories will be helpful or at least entertaining to anyone out there… (“Is there anybody out there?” :D)


6 Comments on “Kindred bloggers”

  1. Totoro538 says:

    I’m out there, ready to be entertained

  2. NK says:

    I’m glad we connected through WordPress and am excited to share the journey with you. It’s fun to know there’s a host family in Holland doing the same thing. And now we have another reference for cultural questions! Also, I’m always excited to add a Dutch friend. Leuk om u te ontmoeten! Tot ziens!

  3. Alysa says:

    I never thought to look on wordpress for other blogs posting host stories. I am happy that you found me because it will be interesting to compare experiences!

    • It will indeed! 🙂 Looking forward to your stories about Noriko living with your family. I guess the cultural differences will be a bit larger for you. Hopefully you will find the time and inspiration to share your and Noriko’s experiences with us 🙂

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