A Fortnight

Gotta love that word 😉

Fourteen days from now will be Zoé’s first day at our home. We’re looking forward to that and are curious about what the first day will be like for all of us. We’ll pick her up on Saturday afternoon at the introduction camp she and her fellow exchange students will have attended for six days. They’ll have had daily Dutch language classes, information sessions about the country in general and things like traffic rules in particular. They’ll also have seen some touristy things already, so all in all they’ll probably be exhausted once they’ve gotten to their new homes away from home 😛

One other important part of the introduction camp is getting to know this year’s fellow exchange students. In the end they will probably understand each other best when it comes to the exchange experience. They’ll also meet up later this year for some day trips and at least one weekend city trip somewhere else in Europe to exchange stories.

The other day we heard there’ll be another exchange student in a city near us. We’re not sure when that happens how normal it is for students to meet up during the exchange period if there’s a click between them. We’ll see.

While Zoé’s packing her stuff, taking her time to think about what to bring, we’re preparing the last things for her room and making sure the house is in good shape. The past couple of day we talked about some loose ends we had and we think we’re quite ready for this adventure to begin!


6 Comments on “A Fortnight”

  1. Mies Mulder says:

    Ja, het begint nu op te schieten, jullie eerste ontmoeting met Zoé. Spannend, zowel voor jullie als voor haar 😊. Als ouders/schoonouders zijn wij ook benieuwd hoe het allemaal gaat verlopen en wij hopen jou ook een keer te mogen ontmoeten Zoé! 😊

  2. Totoro says:

    Aan de voorbereidingen kan het niet liggen!

  3. NK says:

    How exciting for you! That’s nice that Zoe will have someone nearby. Is the student also Belgian? Speaking of Belgian… God bless whomever invented Spekuloos/Biscoff. Wow. Yum.

    I know that last year N was the only Dutch student at her school. Her first friend was an American student and so many of her friends were Americans but they quickly embraced the exchange student crew. Here, many exchange students from the same country will get together. It prevents language learning because they continue to speak their native tongue daily. N brought in several exchange students and they had a huge group in the end – it was awesome.

    Our local coordinator is organizing an evening meet and greet and monthly activities this year. They’re not mandatory but a good way for kids to meet others who understand being on exchange.

    You’ll quickly figure out how to help Zoe (Zoë?) balance Dutch and exchange friends 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 The other student is Belgian also (French speaking too). I will pass on the many thanks for Spekuloos 😀 I wasn’t aware the cookies that’s made of are called Biscoff. In The Netherlands we call the cookies speculAAs actually. Love them 🙂

      The exchange organisation over here has some rules about the exchange students meeting up, precisely because of what you said, it prevents language learning and also becoming friends with the locals. BTW, I didn’t release until I started reading more about American exchanges that there are many exchange projects within the US. It’s not really that surprising I guess when you realise how big and diverse your country is.

      Ow and Zoé’s name is French, so in her case it’s written with the é and pronounced Zo (with the o in ‘go’) and ending in a sound like ‘way’. The stress is on the é. Zoway 😀

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