Three is a magic number

Thank you, Bob.

In three days it’s Pick up day! We can’t wait to hear the stories about the introduction camp and most of all we can’t wait to get to know Zoé.

The past couple of weeks she enjoyed spending quality time with her family and friends. She organised some barbecues and made sure she said proper goodbyes before starting her Dutch adventure. As can be expected, it were joyful, but at the same time a bit sad times. But Zoé let us know she’s looking forward to the exchange very much and she can’t wait to get to know her host family, the Dutch people and The Netherlands.

Which brings us to the third subject of this short post: the Poll we posted on August 1st.
There have been 10 votes, but we have over twenty followers and even more regular readers according to the blog stats……
We’re planning on making the poll outcome a special subject of Zoé’s stay and will be blogging about it obviously. So for those of you who haven’t voted yet, please consider taking this opportunity to play a part in Zoé’s exchange before the poll closes at the end of the month. Your vote is appreciated!


4 Comments on “Three is a magic number”

  1. totoro says:

    WAT? Ik wil nu de uitkomst van de pol weten!

  2. NK says:

    Is it bad that I’m as excited as I am when I have one coming?? Looking forward to reading all about your first year hosting!

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