It’s almost inevitable living where we live to talk about heather at some point. Especially this week, as it’s “heather week”, a week full of festivities to celebrate the importance of heather and the heath in our region (and obviously an excuse for having concerts, beer, food, playing old Dutch games and all that).

Zoé came prepared and asked about heather on her first day because she’d read about the National Park near us and the abundance of heather there. What she didn’t yet know, is that you can enjoy the purple shades of flowering heather even closer to home…

She was ready for some good old Dutch biking activity, so we took her on a 25 kilometre (about 15 miles) trip through the woods, grasslands and of course heath. The weather gods were on our side. The sun was out, but not too hot. The wind was just a light breeze. And it only started raining once we got home 😉

Zoé loved her new surroundings, the heath reminded her of her holidays in France and she loved the variety of the landscape in general. We thought she was very tough on her second day keeping up with the two of us on a tandem on her city bike. I think we can safely say all of us enjoyed the beautiful country side and the good company 🙂

Zoé op de hei


One Comment on “ˈhɛidə”

  1. NK says:

    What a beautiful way to spend the day. I don’t think I ever thought of heather as a Dutch thing – thanks for the lesson! 🙂

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