See who I am


10 Comments on “See who I am”

  1. totoro says:

    He wat tof! wat een prachtige foto uit senegal. Ik hoor er vast snel meer over 😉

  2. Mies Mulder says:

    Wat een prachtige foto’s Zoé! Tot binnenkort!!😄👍

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    I like the 2nd picture 🙂

  4. NK says:

    Welcome, Zoé, and leuk om u te ontmoeten!!

  5. Sonja says:


  6. Brigitte Maroy says:

    Dears Hester and Harald,
    What a pleasure to discover you by the way of your blog! First of all, I have been impressed by your approach in the choice of welcome an exchange student. Immediately, I felt my daughter will be very lucky to share your life for some months…
    Until now, I received few news from Zoé but I was convinced of her welfare just by reading your blog during the lasts days and the echoes of her new life. I talked to my daughter tonight and she is just so well and so happy 🙂
    Then, I send you a huge thank for the welcome you are giving to her. Hope to meet you may be in the coming weeks by skype for example 😉
    Brigitte, Zoé’s mom

    • Dear Brigitte,
      Thank you very much for having such good faith in us 🙂 Zoé’s a blessing. We get along so well and it’s a good fit when it comes to our habits, interests and way of thinking about life. Thank you for raising such a wonderful young woman!

      We meant to put much more on the blog last week, but we were very busy with visiting people, having friends and family visit us, do fun stuff, talk and talk and talk. We’ll try to write more updates 😉

      Ow and it’s just fine to comment on the blog in French! 😉 No problem at all, Zoé will translate it for us 😛 Most of the Dutch people reading and writing on the blog comment in Dutch also. But there’s nothing wrong with your English either, so you decide 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!
      H&H (and Zoé of course ;))

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