Language Lab, part 2

The first recording below is from the second “Language Lab” session we did since Zoé’s staying with us. It was taped on the 10th of September and is related to our The Wall posting, because we asked Zoé to talk about the concert in her own words.

And of course we couldn’t keep the next episode of the forest adventure from you any longer. Are you excited to hear it? 😀 By the way, there’s no video just like last time.


3 Comments on “Language Lab, part 2”

  1. Brigitte says:

    C’est un pur bonheur de vous lire et de partager un (tout petit) peu de votre quotidien 🙂 Merci Hester et Harald de ce témoignage génial ! J’ai un plaisir fou à voir le bonheur de ma fille. Je ris en voyant son visage rose de timidité quand elle parle devant la caméra, mais quel progrès en une semaine !!!
    Bravo à tous…
    So much easier for me to write in french… Zoé will translate for her family and for the others, just have a try with Google traduction. It could be funny 😉

  2. Mumu says:

    Merci pour ce chouette blog qui nous permet de suivre les “aventures” de Zoé. Elle semble très heureuse et a beaucoup de chance d’être dans une famille comme la vôtre. Bon we,
    Mumu, la marraine de Zoé 🙂

  3. […] We also recorded a final reading session today from the children’s book we used in the first language labs. And last but not least we’ll share with you a small part of a presentation that Zoé […]

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