Time flies

Last Tuesday, the 24th of September, Zoé was with us exactly one month. Wait what? Yes, it was already a month ago that we picked her up! It looks like she’s getting pretty used to her Dutch life and she enjoys exploring it further in all kinds of ways every day.

Zoé asked if she could take us out for dinner on Tuesday night to celebrate this one month anniversary and we thought that was a wonderful idea. She asked us to pick a restaurant, so we took her to our favourite pancake restaurant “Hey!Pannenkoek“. It’s situated in an old farm. We think the crew is wonderful and the pancakes ánd the desserts are superb…

Turns out Zoé’s now a fan too 😀 Thanks for taking us out to dinner!

You’ll find descriptions of the pictures if you look at them inside the gallery (just click one of them).


7 Comments on “Time flies”

  1. Mies says:

    Ik kan maar 1 ding zeggen….😄….MMMMMMMMMMMMM😄

  2. Wout says:

    Dat ziet er allemaal erg lekker uit. Als je de eerste maand zó kunt afsluiten dan betekent dat alleen maar alle goeds voor de komende drie maanden!

  3. NK says:

    What a nice celebration! That restaurant looks great and the food pictures are making me very hungry.

  4. Guurtje says:

    Jullie vermaken je prima zo te lezen. En allemaal leuke, echt Hollandse dingen. Molens, weiden, koeien en nu pannenkoeken. Ga zo voort.

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