A new month, a new poll

It was because of a vote just yesterday that there was a “winner” in last months poll: Artis. We’re in the final stages of planning a trip to Amsterdam and have to see if there will be enough time to actually visit Artis during this (first?) trip. A visit to Artis could be combined with a canal tour from and back to Amsterdam Central Station, which is on the wish list too. But there’s so much to see and do… You’ll find out what we decided to do later this month!

Now for this months poll, first of all we’ve decided to position the poll in the right sidebar of the blog because we suspect readers simply don’t look at the polls anymore once there are newer posts above them. Until now we didn’t get as many votes as we thought or hoped we would get based on the number of followers and visitors. So we’re curious how this new poll setup will affect the number of votes.

But most of all: we are looking forward to your votes on typical Dutch food you think Zoé should most definitely have eaten during her exchange… Other suggestions are also very welcome!