The Little Things

By the lack of postings you might think we’re either really busy or really bored…
Neither is the case though. I suppose we’re just nicely settled in a daily routine.

School’s school, work’s work, daily chores are daily chores. In between all that two of us had a bad cold, so we had to take things easy for about a week and a half. It was also partly because of that that we didn’t do many touristy things these past two weeks. Zoé and I did explore our town some more, especially a biological farm nearby. And the  exchange organisation organised an ice-skating event for the exchange students currently in The Netherlands this past Saturday. More on that will follow in another blogpost.

All in all we’re enjoying ourselves with all kinds of “little things”. To give you an idea of what such things might be, here’s a gallery with pictures of the little things in life we enjoyed these past two months. There’s some more info with every photo if you look at it inside the gallery.


5 Comments on “The Little Things”

  1. NK says:

    Sounds and looks like everyone is having a lovely time!

  2. Totoro says:

    Those pancakes look like they were the real thing!

  3. […] that reason we haven’t had many big things going on… but as pointed out by another blog of an exchange family, that’s sometimes the best part: the settling into the route of a […]

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