One day in Utrecht

Last Saturday morning, I took the train to Utrecht. Travel Active was organising a day for all the exchange students who are now in The Netherlands. The programme was to go to the skating rink and then to finish the day eating a pizza together.

I arrived in Utrecht one hour too early, so I walked in this huge station, looking for the meeting point. An half hour was necessary before I found somebody of Travel Active. The big departure board where we had to meet had disappeared… Luckily I went to the right place!

After an hour waiting everybody arrived, we left the station, took the bus and came to the ice-skating place. It was really great to see again all the people that I had met during the orientation week. We had lots of things to tell to the others. Everybody wanted to speak about his school, his family, his city… I think that in general everyone was happy with his first month in The Netherlands! And further, it was also a pleasure to speak French again! But it was so strange too! I couldn’t avoid saying “Ja” or “Wat…” in a conversation. Speaking English with the students from Thailand or Brasil was simply impossible for me. My brain can only speak Dutch anymore… Only for a while, I hope!

So we began to ice-skate, some very good, others very bad. In any case, it was very funny! A bit ice-skating, a bit speaking, but maybe more speaking than ice-skating. When everybody’s feet began to hurt, we stopped and went to the pizzeria. It was in the city centre, along the canal. A pretty place, near a bridge.

And then it was officially time to go. But we (all the students) didn’t want to already separate, so we decided to stay one or two hours more in the centre of Utrecht. We walked along the canal (which was really very pretty) and we glanced at the shop windows. But eventually it was time to go… I spent a really good time in Utrecht with all the exchange students. We have now to wait the next meeting, in November, to see us again!


4 Comments on “One day in Utrecht”

  1. Totoro says:

    Leuk dat je zo’n toffe dag hebt gehad Zoe! Ken je het woord tof al? Is een beetje jaren negentig uitdrukking maar goed. Kan me voorstellen dat je hersenen een cognitive overload hebben!

  2. Mies says:

    Haha Zoé, dus je begint al in het Nederlands te denken…:-):-)

  3. NK says:

    French, English, Dutch – you put your American counterparts to shame. It sounds like you had a lovely day in Utrecht. Have a great weekend!

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