Halloween Office Space

Inspired by two fellow bloggers The Ann Arbor Exchange and The Monroes I thought it would be fun to give pumpkin carving a shot this year. However, the pumpkin I had planned to use for that got stolen from our garden before I could put my knife in it… A little discouraged I decided to skip the carving and go for slaughtering the second pumpkin we still had inside the house to create a pumpkin themed dinner party…

The day of choice for this pumpkin fest was one day after Halloween, because it was a Friday and our friend Patricia was coming over. She loves any dish with pumpkin in it. The curry recipe is actually hers.

Another theme for this particular Friday evening was a movie we felt Zoé should’ve seen at least once this lifetime…

Office Space DVD cover

Yeah, hiiii…


4 Comments on “Halloween Office Space”

  1. NK says:

    Let’s see! Let’s see!!

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