Mmmmmm…. (not)

As the October’s food poll dictated, we had to let Zoé eat “erwtensoep” (pea soup) at some point… And as we pointed out before, Harald and I just don’t “do” pea soup. So my mom offered to have Zoé over and make a traditional Dutch pea soup. We dropped Zoé off and fled the house once they started cooking. We visited other family while they were brewing what is considered delicious by so many Dutch people. Ow well, you can’t argue about taste, right? Click any of the pictures for more info on what’s in them.


8 Comments on “Mmmmmm…. (not)”

  1. Totoro538 says:

    Wahaha Zoe hates it!!!

  2. Mies says:

    Het was een hele gezellige middag en inderdaad Zoé heeft 3 keer opgeschept…dan vind je het toch zeker niet vies?!:-)

  3. NK says:

    I never would touch it until we made it with Naomi. Ours is thick with no liquid (more like mashed potatoes) which I like.

  4. Koen Heltzel says:

    Looks very jummy! What’s not to like H&H?

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