In two days…

In two days I’m back in Belgium.

When I look back to these four months, I feel happy. I arrived here at the end of August and I knew nothing and nobody. Slowly, I have built here a sort of new life. I have learned how to live with my new parents, Hester and Harald. I have met lots of people at school, and the scouting, in my new family. I have learned to speak Dutch. And of course I have learned and visited a lot about The Netherlands.

It was four intense months. I didn’t think I would learn so much! I believe I can say that the challenge of being an exchange student is ending with success. And it’s not at all only due to me, it’s due to all the people I have met here in The Netherlands and with who I walked a moment on the way. I thank them all for what they taught me.

In two days I’m back in Belgium and I take with me a part of The Netherlands, in my head and in my heart.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a part of our experience via this blog. I have found it a wonderful way to show that it’s possible to go across the differences of culture and to live together.





6 Comments on “In two days…”

  1. Wout en Mies says:

    Lieve Zoé, wij hebben het erg leuk gevonden om jou te leren kennen. De dagen dat wij jou gezien hebben en de dingen die wij met jou gedaan hebben vonden we erg leuk en gezellig. Wij wensen je heel veel geluk, liefde en succes in je verdere leven en misschien dat wij via Hester en Harald nog af en toe horen hoe het verder met je gaat. Groetjes en XX, Wout en Mies.

  2. Remco says:

    Hoi Zoé,

    Ook Sacha en ik vonden het heel leuk om met je kennis te hebben gemaakt en wensen je veel succes in de toekomst!!!

    Groetjes van ons en een pootje van Daffy!

  3. NK says:

    Best of luck to you, Zoè! And congrats on a successful exchange!!

  4. monroe2013 says:

    YEAH for a happy exchange!! Hope for many success in the future for you Zoe!

  5. very interesting blog , i follow you and will read you , and hope you the succeed, thanks for accepting me as a reader , happy new year

  6. xkorijaidenx says:

    happy you had an amazing exchange! 🙂 I’ll be in Belgium on the 30th starting my exchange! 🙂 I am so excited! 🙂

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