Mmmmmm…. (not)

As the October’s food poll dictated, we had to let Zoé eat “erwtensoep” (pea soup) at some point… And as we pointed out before, Harald and I just don’t “do” pea soup. So my mom offered to have Zoé over and make a traditional Dutch pea soup. We dropped Zoé off and fled the house once they started cooking. We visited other family while they were brewing what is considered delicious by so many Dutch people. Ow well, you can’t argue about taste, right? Click any of the pictures for more info on what’s in them.


Food poll outcome

So, this was the outcome of the last poll (click it for full size):


Erwtensoep won by one vote. Problem is though that Harald and myself don’t “do” erwtensoep… But we can’t ignore the outcome of the poll of course and it is typical Dutch food that we think Zoé will actually like. So… if everyone’s schedule allows it, we’ll try and arrange for Zoé to go and make erwtensoep herself at my mom’s and eat as much as she wants of it over there. Don’t say we never did anything for you… 😀

Stoofpeertjes fortunately are runner up in the poll outcome and we happen to LOVE stoofpeertjes! So we’ve eaten those a couple of times already.


Raw herring has been tested and approved also, though Zoé found them a little too oily. We forgot to take a picture of her eating the herring the Dutch way, sorry about that…


We also like having boerenkool for dinner, so Zoé’s had quite a bit of that already too.


As for the rest of the food in the poll:
– Zoé loves patat and had a tasting session of Dutch fries and snacks (no pictures);
– We’re planning on baking oliebollen early this year, but only if time permits;
– We didn’t really have an opportunity yet to get Zoé poffertjes. We hope having pancakes often will make up for this…